Unmoored is a project by James Bridle for Hack the Barbican.

A weather station on the roof of the building (right) continually records the wind speed and direction, and uses this to drive the Barbican airship on its journey.

The ship will fly for 25 days, from the 7th to the 31st of August, 2013.
Where will it go?

In the main foyer of the Barbican Centre, there is a window showing the view from the ship, hundreds of feet up, as it wanders with the wind.
You can also look out the window here, on the web.

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Unmoored is based on A Ship Adrift, a project commissioned in 2012 by Artangel, and A Room For London. There's more information about A Ship Adrift in this blog post and in this one. All of the original credits for Ship Adrift still apply.